Smart Reaction Training

Utilizing a smart reaction training platform, clinicians at 5 Star Physical Therapy Specialists can decrease fall risk by improving:

  • Core Reaction time
  • Agility
  • Dynamic balance
  • Coordination
  • Decision Making

This system is appropriate, interactive, and exciting for all ages.  Our clinicians will customize a treatment plan based off your specific needs and work with you in a safe, one-on-one style format to regularly progress you towards your individual goals.  This system utilizes visual cues to stimulate physical and cognitive activity by mimicking specific physical requirements of daily life, allowing you to practice and exercise functionally and unpredictably.  You will gain not only the ability to perform, but also the confidence to establish safer and more appropriate movement patterns, all while under the guidance of our trained clinicians.

This program is extremely versatile, ideal for gait and balance training, injury prevention and sports rehabilitation and recovery.  Our clinicians combine this reflexive, innovative and motivating technology with our advanced treatment methods to boost your performance and reach your results faster.

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